Ecobee offers smart energy solutions for real people. They created all of their products with real people in mind — people like you who live busy lives and have more important things to do than stress over poorly designed thermostats. Not only do they make products for real people, we make sure that there are real people on their end to make every Ecobee experience a positive one. Even though their customer service experts have extensive knowledge and training in the heating and cooling industry, they won't bog you down you with unnecessary technical jargon.

So what makes them different? Well, for one thing the products are easy to use. We have thermostats for both the residential and commercial markets. Their thermostats feature full-color touch screens that are simple to navigate and easy to read. They're also WiFi enabled, so you can program them at any time from any place – all you need is an Internet connection. They’re constantly developing their suite of SmartPhone apps so that you can program your thermostat on the go. It's fully automated energy conservation so you never have to choose between being green and being comfortable. All of their products have been designed to help you conserve energy, save money and reduce your environmental impact.